Custom Gym Mats

Tatami Fightwear brings you ProMats - an affordable, high-quality solution to kitting out your gym and academy.
Promats emphasises style and durability to ensure modern and long term fit in your gym. We have a range of diverse design options to closely match the identity of your own personal environment. 

All the information you need is below. If you're interested in matting out your academy at an affordable rate then fill out the form at the bottom of the page!


1. What are the Promats dimensions and density?
Promats Gold & Silver dimensions - 2m x 1m x 40mm thickness
Promats Gold – 230kgs/M3 density for maximum impact protection – PU Sponge Foam interior.
Promats Silver – 138kgs/M3 density for a safe training area – PE Foam interior

2. How many mats will I need?
Promats size is 2m x 1m – so measure out the size of the area you wish to mat and work out the number of mats required eg – an area of 8m x 8m will require approx 32 mats.

3. What is the tolerance?
Tolerance on a 2m x 1m mat:
Width +/- 5mm
Length +/- 7mm

4. Do you offer a fitting service?
No – we only supply mats.

5. Is the Tatami patterned surface better than the smooth surface?
No, the wear resistance, grip and texture of both are the same as it is the same PVC material.

6. Are Promats totally slip proof?
Promats are rubber backed. However, no mats are totally slip proof unless permanently secured in place with a border. Some small amount of movement is to be expected, depending on how slippery the floor is and how much the mats are being used. It is the responsibility of the instructor and students to push the mats back together when a gap occurs.

7. Can Promats be placed over carpet?
Carpet acts as a layer of air, so there is a possibility of the mats slipping, therefore, it is advisable to use a suitable removable tape to stick the mats.

8. Can Promats be placed on floors with under floor heating?
Promats are likely to expand/contract, so laying them on floors with under floor heating could cause condensation damage and surfaces to warp.

9. Will Promats hold up to everyday use?
Promats are designed to withstand everyday use. They are manufactured to the highest standard and we only use hard-wearing, durable materials. However, shoes with stilletto type heels will pierce or mark the mats permanently.

10. How long do they last?
This is dependant on how often the mat is used, the number of people using them and the level care that is given. Mats should be stored in a suitable area to avoid damage.

11. Will bending the mats affect the performance?
Bending affects all mats that have surfaces bonded to foam. It causes the glue that adheres the top and bottom surfaces to the foam core to weaken and eventually the surfaces will not be fully bonded.

12. Are samples available for Promats?
Yes, samples can be arranged upon request.

13. What are your delivery times?
Delivery time is approximately 8 weeks once payment has been received.

14. Is there a minimum order on the mats?

Yes, there is a minimum order of 50 mats, while Wall Mats have a minimum order of 30


Promats have already proven to be a hit in some big academies.